Bluestone State Park is home to three nice little falls and all are in the same spot.  When you get to the park, go down to the the boat launch area just below the park office and gift shop.  There are three falls just off of the parking area.  As you face the lake, one is off to your right back up in a little cove, and the other two are on your left, both in coves as well.  During full water you may not be able to see them from the boat launch area, but you can walk around to see them from above.  I was amazed that the park officials were not even aware that there are three falls here.  I had heard there were two, and they thought only one, but I found three.  Granted, they probably don't all flow all the time, but they are there.  I recommend a winter or early spring visit while the water levels are down so that you can walk through the lake bed to visit.  They are all in inlets just next to the launch area.Bluestone1




While in the area, take the opportunity to visit the dam.  It's a pretty amazing sight.  It's been under some renovations for quite some time and some of the engineering is pretty awesome to see, such as a crane traveling along a cantilevered road surface attached to the face of the dam.