Hiking and waterfalls up Meadow Fork off of Thurmond Road.  Follow direction for Thurmond Station.  The trail access is at a bridge just before the parking area for the Rend trail and after the big waterfall on Dunloup Creek.  You will see that several holes have been dug/excavated to keep the 4 wheeler crowd off the trail, but there is a trail there.  There is also a signpost that says "No Motor Vehicles".  It's one of those small plastic government things, about three inches wide and brown.  Not easily seen but it's right there by the bridge along with some mounds of earth and stone.  Just hike uphill over those mounds and around the holes and up the creek.  You will continue to find holes dug into the trail as you go uphill.  You will see the falls as they are all right beside the trail.  The challenge is getting into the creek to photograph.  Lots of shots on this creek.  Just be aware that there is a lot of garbage under the leaves and natural debris, such as broken glass (a lot of it in places).

37.943586, -81.091244