38.23728, -81.02467

I recommend accessing this area from the Peter's Creek end of the CR 22.  It's much shorter and you won't have to make a major sharp left to get down to the river level.  So, with that in mind, you will come to a serious switchback at Bucklick Branch (38.240083, -81.022545).  Follow it around to the right and in less than 1/4 mile you will see a road that ventures off to the right and downhill.  That is an unmarked road that takes you to the river above Koontz Bend. The falls are right at the river. You can drive right up to the location.  Not having been here before, I parked at a wide open area just above the river and walked down.  Plenty of turning space here.  It turns out that it would probably have been OK to drive down, but I didn't want to end up in a sticky whicket and a little walk never hurt anyone.

There are three or four places to shoot here.  You'll enjoy.  Good lunch spot.

  • Location of side road? Approximate (38.237281, -81.024674)

  • Location of intersection of Bucklick Creek and Gauley River (38.236011, -81.027545)

From Fayetteville, go north on US 19 and left at SR 129 (Mt. Nebo). Follow to left on CR 11/1 (Panther Mtn. Rd.) to a left on CR 22 Griffin Rd./Tipton Rd. Continue on CR 22 Griffin Rd./Tipton Rd. to sharp left switchback at Bucklick Branch.  The road down to the river is before this switchback.  To get out, follow CR 22 Griffin Rd./Tipton Rd. to right on SR 39 Panther Mountain/Turnpike Rd. and follow to Drennen. Turn right on SR 129 to return to US 19.

To access from Peter's Creek end: (Recommended)

From US 19, go west on SR 129 and then left on SR 39 in Drennen.  Drive approximately 3.2 miles on US 39 and turn left on Panther Mountain Rd.  CR 22.  Follow CR 22 for one mile and park at the end of the bridge crossing Peter's Creek.  (38.242822, -81.045475)  You will find an open dirt area right there at the end of the bridge to park.  Follow the railroad tracks down stream for about .9 miles.  It will be easy to find.  Bring a rope.  You will need it.  I was pouring rain when these were taken and the spray from the fall had us as far back as one could go and it was still an issue.