End of road at Gauley river. 38.202876, -81.013769

To get to Ramsey Branch Falls take U.S. 60 five miles west of its intersection with U.S. 19 to Saturday Road (GPS: Lat. 38.128491, Long. -81.074095). Turn right (north) on Saturday Road and wind through the countryside of pastures and woods. After 6.9 miles turn left at the junction with Ramsey Branch Road and continue 1.1 miles to a right on Woods Ferry Crossing Rd.  This is a not so nice dirt road that will take you down to the Gauley River. This last half mile is steep, rough, rocky, and requires a truck or 4WD vehicle with a high center. Turn right at the river and park.   A short, bushwhacked trail leads upstream to the falls (GPS: Lat. 38.2010, Long. -81.0126)

This fall can also be reached by driving Sunday Rd. to a right on Woods Ferry Crossing Rd.  Sunday Rd. begins across the street from the gas station at the intersection of US 19 and US 60.  It's the first road on your right from US 19.   CR 4 Sunday Rd.  There may be a sign that says Arrowood Creek, but just take that first right and follow it around to the right.  It's about 8.5 miles to an intersection with Richmond Chapel Rd., where you will want to go left onto Saturday Rd. (CR 3).  Follow Saturday Rd. for 0.5 mile and turn right on Ramsey Branch Rd. (CR 3/9) and follow for 1.1 miles to right on Woods Ferry Crossing Rd.  This is the nasty dirt road.  It's not too bad at the top, but further down, you will not want to take the family sedan.

38.2029601, -81.0137562

There is a very short road off to your right at the bottom of the hill right before the river.  It looks like it leads down to a large culvert/tunnel.  I have seen folks actually drive thru this and park right down on the river, but it's kind of risky, so just park is the open area above.  From here you will have to creek walk to the falls.  It's about 1/4 mile.  No trail to speak of and you will get wet.  Just follow the creek upstream and you will find what you need.

There is also another fall above this one but I do not have info on it.  However, I have seen a most handsome photo.  Not as big as this one but just as pretty.