Turkey Creek Falls is located at the end of the Fisherman Access Trail at Hawk's Nest, which is at the bottom of the Mill Creek access.  Access is from U.S. 60 in Ansted.  Rich Creek Rd. runs just in front of the Rite-Aid.  Turn onto it and follow it around to the right.  Then at the second hard left drive south on CR 60/2 (Hawk's Nest Rd.) to the river access parking at the end of the road.  This is the same access point as the Mill Creek Rail Trail.  Walk along the river, toward the dam, on the fisherman's trail for approximately .25 mile to the Turkey Creek confluence.  It's almost all the way to the dam.


38.121332, -81.130090


Turkey Creek2


This is the falls at the bottom of the run.  There are a number of others referenced in Ed Rehbein and Randall Sangers book, but they are obviously not accessible from this location.  I have not been down the creek from the top, however, there is a sharp switchback on US 60, west of Ansted, where this run obviously originates.  As I drove by this place, I noted several places where a person might park and a probable access point to the creek.  This place is across from Turkey Creek Rd.  Good luck going down.  I'm sure it's not the easiest decent, and then you have to come back up, because it's about a 30' or higher drop at the bottom.  It's fairly sheer and not really a climbing place for the average waterfall Joe.  When you visit the bottom falls (above shot) you will understand.

Additionally, you can venture out on the Cliff Side Trail from the parking lot.  Check the link up top for a map of the park and trails.  I understand there are views of a couple of the other falls from there, however, I have no information about getting into the creek at that point.