Milburn Falls. This exquisite multi-layer cascade is about 20 feet tall, but hard to get in a single image due to the heavy Rhododendron growth around it. The ravine walls are very steep on the west side, although there is a short trail that runs along the ravine to allow access to the top of the falls - but those aren't the best views. Crossing a rickety former railroad bridge gains one easier access and various views on the east side. Unfortunately, there is a large piece of twisted rebar buried in the bed of the stream at the base of the falls, and I couldn't even budge it first time I was there. A braver soul than I might cross the stream at the bottom of the falls and try to climb the steep west slope to get a better view of the full falls.

If you follow the Paint Creek Scenic Byway west from Mossy, it does a tight hairpin to the right in front of a coal mine. At that point, Milburn Creek follows the road through an increasingly deeper canyon for about a mile until it turns toward Paint Creek just a few hundred yards away. There is an abandoned C&O Railway bed that follows the creek and the road off to the right, and that trail goes right past these falls.Milburn3



Photos and information by Tony Turley