You can get there from either the Mossy or Mahan exits of I-77S. There's a back road called the Paint Creek Scenic Byway that runs along the Turnpike. From Mahan, exit the Turnpike and turn left (south) on the adjacent 2-lane. It soon turns into a narrow blacktop. Signs say there is no snow removal in the Winter months. From Mossy, exit the Turnpike, and turn toward Oak Hill. There's a bridge right off the exit ramp with a stop sign. Turn left at that sign, and follow the narrow road. There's a pull-off along Paint Creek about 1/2 way between Mossy and Mahan that overlooks Westerly falls. There's also a Narrow Gauge rail trail that runs along Paint Creek on the opposite side from the Scenic Byway, and that old trail takes you to the other side of the falls and a much better view, in my opinion.

Photos by Tony Turley

Westerly Falls on Paint Creek  (37.993234, -81.325329)

These are Tony's shots during high water.


WesterlyFalls2The following images are from 2-20-17 by me.  These images are from the road side of the creek.  The above images by Tony were shot from the other side by walking upstream, crossing on the tressle and walking back downstream.  It's not far.






Photos and information by Tony Turley