Sandstone Falls is a great place to hang out and photograph for awhile.  Bring lunch.  The boardwalk out to the falls is an easy walk from the parking area and it's easy to get out on the rocks, though, you may get your feet wet in a few places.  Be careful out there, this place doesn't look very forgiving if you fall in.


When you get off the highway (I-64 Exit 139), take a right to the visitor center.  The Sandstone Visitor Center is worth the stop if only to see the floor.  It's an amazing stone inlayed floor that shows the entire New River.  Something I didn't know until I got there was that the New River has it origins in one of my other favorite waterfalling places, North Carolina.  See this Wikipedia article for more info.

Checkout my Sanstone Day Trip page for more info and a watershed map.



Sandstone Falls Overlook

After you leave the visitor center, you can see all of Sandstone Falls at this scenic overlook, 600 feet above the river. This short, gravel walkway descends briefly from the parking lot to the viewpoint. The total distance is only 1/10 mile.

This roadside pull-off is on WV Route 20, three miles south of I-64 exit 139 and the Sandstone Visitor Center, or 8.5 miles north of Hinton.  Link to NPS webpage for Sandstone Falls.

While you are in the area, you might want to do some exploring on some of the feeder creeks like Big Branch, Fall Branch, Mill Branch, Kates Branch, which deposit rather substantial falls right on the side of the road during heavy rain.  It's actually quite a site to see.  On my last trip there I snapped these from the truck.