A feeder creek along CR 26 on the way to Sandstone Falls.  Park here: (37.74725, -80.92544)

This is a really easy and fairly level trail to hike.  Hardly any obstructions.  However, if you are a photog, you'll want your boots and maybe even some waders.  I didn't bring mine this day and got pretty wet.  Even though it was not really high water, I was in thigh deep on several occassions.  There are a number of creek crossing on this hike and you will get wet, unless of course the creek is dry or real low.  You will also find that you will want better perspectives for composition that you won't get from trail level.  This brings you to doing some creek walking.  The very first fall, for instance, requires that you get in the creek at least 100 yards downstream and walk up.  Going in from the trail close to the falls might get you hurt or ruin some important vegitation.  Anyway, it's just easier.

This trail, like Big Branch, also has a lot of nice wildflowers.  It is also a horse trail.  It's a fun trail and only a mile or so long to the top.  However, you'll find a feeder creek off to the left after the fourth fall.  If you go up there, uphill, about 1/4 mile, you will find another nice fall, but it's kind of iffy getting into the creek.  Definitely worth the walk.

Here they are in order of appearance.

Fall Branch 1


Fall Branch 2


Fall Branch 3


Fall Branch 4


Fall Branch 5 (This one is up the feeder creek to your left.)


Here's a few of the nice wildflowers from the trail.