Stop at the parking area for the trailhead known as Gentle Trail, which is one of the overlook platforms for Blackwater Falls, and is on the road to the lodge.  Park here.  On your right from the parking area, you’ll find the trail  to a view of Blackwater Falls.  Instead, go to the left, and up the road in the direction of the lodge. Walk along the edge of the road for a few hundred feet and listen for the sound of water flowing.  When you hear the flowing water, you may see the creek.  Continue till you see a thinned out area of the woods and the terrain tends to climb.  Leave the road and start heading downhill.  From there, it’s only a short distance to the falls.  It's not a very big falls and I think  there is another just below, which we did not explore because of time constraints, but it appears that it may be worth the effort, so next trip, it's on the list.FallsRun1