On Shay's Run, just next to the lodge in Blackwater Falls State Park, you'll find one cool little falls.  It's a very popular fall with photographers as it is not only pretty but has a "swirley".  It is very easy to get to and the walk is short and easy.  The trailhead is just off the parking lot for the lodge, to your left as you look at the lodge.  Just walk over that way and you'll find it.  There is also a nice bridge that crosses Shay's Run just above the top of the falls.

Follow the trail down along the creek after you cross the bridge and find a place to go down into the creek if you want.


 Elakala Falls on Shays Run

DSC 1198



Venture further on down Shay's Run and there are three more falls, all of which are worthy of your lenses.  I have not personally been down there, as I normally don't have the time, but am going down at least to the second falls this May.  To give you some idea what you are in for by venturing down to the bottom, there's a shot from across the gorge at the bottom of this page.  You can see the lodge on the left and what looks like a continuous falls to the right.  That's Shay's Run.


Shay's Run Second Falls



My friend Jim Kearns shot these on our May trip.  It was a good day and a great trip.  Jim is on Facebook here.


Shays Run #3


Shays Run #4


Shays Run #4