When I first heard about this falls and saw the photos, I said, "That's going on the bucket list, for sure".  However, getting there is not the easiest thing to do.  Seems you need to walk a lot or catch a train.

High Falls of Cheat Trail # 345 is 2.9 miles long.  The walk is along the High Falls Trail, which begins off of CR 44.  The hike is about 6 miles round trip.  High Falls of the Cheat River is located at 38.772348, -79.777643. High Falls Trailhead, is located just 4 miles south of Glady, on Forest Road 44 at 38.749306, -79.753436.  Begin on trail, cross a foot bridge, and ascend Shavers Mountain. You will walk through a large open field with the West Fork Rail Trail running through it. Follow trail through the woods while ascending Shavers Mt. on a switchback trail. The climb is not bad, and the trail is in good shape and well marked. At the bottom, come to the Cheat River, go north along the tracks and follow down stream to the falls. You can also ride to the falls on the Cheat Mountain Salamander passenger train. 877.MTN.RAIL (686.7245)

The Tygart Flyer runs from Elkins to High Falls and the trip takes like 4 hours, and the layover is only less than an hour.  I understand you can catch the train in Bemis, and cut the trip time down, but I haven't spoken to them.  I think you need to make special arrangements for the train to stop, as there are normally no riders in Bemis.  877.MTN.RAIL (686.7245)