37°47'29.7"N 81°09'59.9"W

37.791575, -81.166630 

 Little Whitestick Creek empties into Cranberry Creek on it's way to Piney Creek down near the Beckley Mill area.  If you get on the E. Beckley Bypass from US 19, you go south on WV 41 (Stanaford Rd.) and then turn down Stanaford Mine Rd.  You can also access WV 41 from US 19.  Follow Stanaford Mine Road to the end.  There's a wide open area to park.  Once there, go down toward the creek and follow it upstream along the edge of the gorge.  There's a fairly clear trail along the edge and into the woods.  Follow the trail and you will soon come to this fall.  I understand, and have seen photos, to indicate there are additional falls on this run, but I did not have time to chase them down.

When you first start on the trail you will see a waterfall that looks pretty cool, but it is just an old man made culvert with about a 10' drop.  Keep walking and soon you will come to the main event.  It's not too far and pretty easy access.

Additionally, you can hike upstream on Cranberry Creek from the culvert for additional waterfalls.