I've been occupying the front page of this site with advertising for the book, but I thought it was time to make some changes.  So, here's what's going on with me and the site and what's planned for the future.

I have begun working on the second edition of the book.  It's going to be a long and sometimes dangerous endeavor to travel and visit the multitude of waterfalls which will be incorporated in the second edition.  When I finished the initial effort I only had about 20 more falls to work.  As we speak, the total to add is over 80, with a few epic journeys in the mix, and I keep learning of more falls all the time.

I'm also working on writing some articles which have been inspired by my effort to compile pages on this website which are in the Day Trips menu.  I had neglected that part of the site ever since it's inception because there was a lot more important work to be done.  Now that I'm settling in and eager to move forward, I'm starting to work on these articles. 

Some of the projects in the works are:

  • Gauley River NRA - Finished though I may add some things later.
  • Trip report and mapping with GPS of Red Creek falls and campsites.
  • Otter Creek Wilderness Exploration - who know what that will involve.
  • Beckley Mill - a whole 'nuther project.
  • Ansted Article w/ Hawk's Nest, Mill Creek, and Turkey Creek included.
  • Leatherwood Creek - but in general, all around Bergoo and Webster Cty and the Elk River.
  • Cranberry Wilderness and a whole lot better photos of Falls of Hills Creek.
  • I also have a ton of stuff to do up north around Morgantown and over in the eastern panhandle.

It all seems overwhelming when you think of it cumulatively, and it is, but taken an adventure at a time, it should be just one blast after another.