39.08797, -79.64939

39°05'16.7"N 79°38'57.8"W

I'm calling this one the Hambleton Spill, because that's about what it is. It's formed as Roaring Run spills into a pool at the base of a 15' drop just on the side of the road before it feeds the Cheat River. It's just after you turn onto SR 72 East heading into Hambleton and Hendricks from US 219. It's not more than a couple hundred yards from US 219 and there is a pull off right in front of it on the north side of the road. It doesn't get much flow but it's good when it's running. Not a bad looking spot at all and I have never seen it dry, though I'm sure it does dry up ocassionally and I would definitely classify this as a wet weather falls.