37.613862, -80.917079

37°36'49.9"N 80°55'01.5"W

From the bridge in Hinton, follow WV 20 to the park entrance. Bluestone Park Rd. will take you to the park office and gift shop, and just beyond there is a sharp left switchback turn heading downhill. There is a sign there for boat launch.

There are three waterfalls located at the boat launch area. They are easy to find and very close to the parking area. You will be able to see the one on Surveyor Branch from the launch parking area, but the others will require a walk out into the lake bed. That's assuming the water is at winter levels. Otherwise, find a trial along the lake shore.

All three falls are located in little coves on either side of the launch area. One to your right and two two to your left as you look out over the lake