38.32902, -81.44878

I saw an image of a waterfall on Campbell Creek Rd., so one day I decided to drive up there.  Mostly just country residential along this creek.  Not real busy but not many places to pull off either.  When I found the fall I was sort of scratching my head about parking, but eventually, just pull over across the street from the falls in front of someones house as far off the pavement as I could.  This is not a place to linger, but a nice little waterfall.

Coming south out of Charleston, jump off of I-64 at Exit 96 (US 60 East/Midland Trail @ Belle.  Follow US 60 East for a short way and then left on Campbell's Creek Rd.  Drive up about 5-7 miles and the falls is roadside on your right just across the street from some single story houses with chainlink front yard fences.  Sorry, I forgot to set my gps but the coords above will get you in the vicinity.  It's so close to the road you can't miss it.