39.334457, -79.564813

39°20'04.1"N 79°33'53.3"W

Wolf Creek is locate on Fox Rd in Preston County.  From U.S. 50, about10-11 miles east of Cool Springs Park, turn left on Fox Rd.  Drive for about 1.2 miles and park on the right in the obvious alloted space just after crossing Wolf Creek on the bridge.  The falls are right there.

This is probably private property, even though it is not posted.  I was told of this place by a locals sister who inferred that it would be OK to visit, however, you should behave like proper civilized adults when visiting and try to be careful about damaging the landscape when entering the creek area.   This is not a party spot or a swimming hole.  Have respect for the space.  Get your photos and go.

Wolf Creek Preston Co001

Wolf Creek Preston Co002