From US 60, east of Charlton Heights, go across the Kanawha River on the green Deepwater-Cotton Hill Bridge at CR 13 and turn right on Boonesboro Rd. Follow downriver. There are at least three photo worthy locations on this road. During wet weather is the best time to come here. You may find more if you explore a bit more. Everything is roadside with decent pull offs.

UPDATE:  The Deepwater-Cotton Hill Bridge at CR 13 is now closed and it doesn't appear to have a projected reopening, but check with you county engineer to find out more if you want to.  The other way to get here is to cross the river downstream at Mongomery and go east on WV 61 for 5.4 miles to a sharp switchback.  Continue straight through the switchback onto Boonesboro Rd. (CR 61/29).  Follow upstream to the Deepwater-Cotton Hill Bridge at CR 13. About 3.5 miles.  This end of the road is where Falls Creek Falls is.  Might as well have a look for yourself.