37°36'12.9"N 81°46'41.9"W

37.603579, -81.778291

Long Branch creek, RD Bailey lake.

From US 52 north of Hanover, W.V., turn east on R.D.Bailey Hwy (WV 97).  Drive 2.1 miles and go left on Big Branch/Long Branch Rd (CR 9/1) to a pull off/viewing area.  Looking over the railing to your left you will see Long Branch Falls pouring into the lake.

Not sure how to see this waterfall up close, other than from a boat or the other side of the lake with a long lens, which, at my time of visit was not open and not clear.  Conversations with the folks at the visitor center also yielded no pertinent info.  I was surprised to know that they were not aware of a waterfall.  I saw this fall from a parking area on Big Branch/Long Branch Rd (CR 9/1).  This is a Stacy Cline image.

StacyCline RDBaily Lake