Grassy Falls

38°10'00.2"N 80°41'23.4"W

38.166720, -80.689840

Roadside falls located at the intersection of Hinkle-O'Dell Rd and WV 20 about 0.5 miles north of the post office in Leivasy, WV. There is roadside parking just beyond the intersection but it's a business.  All the land right around there belongs to one family.  One member opoerates big trucks out of the garage at the intersection.  Don't block his access if you decide to park here.  Access into the creek is sketchy. Easily seen from the roadside at the guardrail, entry going over the guardrail is not for the timid and not advised. There is also a fair amount of traffic here so be careful. People coming around the curve won't see you until right on top of you.

I was told this falls is called Grassy, but Grassy Creek is downstream from here. This falls is on Brushy Meadow Creek.GrassyCreekMine04