39°33'11.3"N 79°59'53.5"W

39.553134, -79.998204

Take exit 146 on I-79. Go west on Goshen Rd. Take a left at the stop sign on 73 south then turn right on the first road - Little Falls Road.  It comes quick.  Drive past parking area for the wilderness reserve on right. Look for a trail kiosk on left just before a real sharp left turn in the road.  There is pull off parking space here.  The kiosk may be hard to spot as it is back off the road a bit.   Short(ish) downhill trail to top of falls is hard to find and you'll be wanting to wait for some wet weather here.  I didn't bother tring to get into this one as the ravine sides are quite steep and there was no water  to entice me.  Photo by Brandon Squires.