39°25'05.8"N 80°09'17.5"W

39.418056, -80.154722

 I have not been to this  place.  The photo is by a local named Kevin Kellar and was posted in the West Virginia Waterfalls group on Facebook.  Thank you Kevin.  The coordinates are approximate, but at any rate the run is not that long, so you should be able to locate it at a culvert going under the road.   From Fairmont, drive about 6.8 miles south on U.S. 250 (Whitehall Blvd./Fairmont Ave.) and turn left on Coalfax Rd.  Then drive about one mile to where Poplar Island Road goes off to the right.  Should be down on your right and it may require a rope to get in the creek or can be viewed from the road.  Not sure about parking.

Coalfax Kevin Kellar