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From US 19 go east on Lansing-Edmond Rd. Follow for about 1.5 miles to the parking area on the right for Fern Creek. The trailhead emanates from the parking lot. Walk along trail to a bridge. This is Fern Creek. Cross the bridge and continue on the trail. At the rim of the gorge you will see a sign. Follow the arrow for Climbing Access. Look for a ladder leading down into the first cave. Climb down the ladder (only 10 feet) and follow the cave to the light. Next is another ladder, and then another short one after that which will take you to the bottom of the cliffs. Turn right (toward the Bridge) and follow a faint trail that runs along the bottom of the cliffs. Keep the cliff on your right. The terrain for the next feet is pretty rough. There's a bit of rock climbing to do here, but nothing really life threatening. Just stay between the rocks rather than trying to climb over them and life will be easier for you. Continue to follow the trail to the falls.

Many people report that this is a good place to see copperheads, so keep you wits about you and you hands and feet out of places you haven't checked. Though I have never heard of a copperhead actually killing someone, death can occur from the trauma causing heart attach, etc. A guy I know who was bitten once, said it is certainly not trivial and for God's sake, don't try to handle one. That's a sure way to be bitten. They are very fast snakes as well. Bobbi Swan photo.Fern

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