West Virginia Waterfall Trail GPS Locations

Some of these location coordinates refer to trailheads or parking lots.  Please refer to other more detailed information to get to actual waterfall locations.  Read and understand maps and trail info before going.  Detailed trail information is available on this website.  Use the search feature or menus to locate pages.


Waterfall Name

Sandstone Falls

Babcock S.P Grist Mill Falls

Big Branch Falls

Turkey Creek Falls

Drawdy Falls

Coonskin Grotto

Dunloup Falls

Butcher Branch Falls

High Falls of the Cheat

Falls of Pendleton

Seneca Creek Falls

Falls of Hills Creek

Mill Creek Falls Hawks Nest SP

Glade Creek Falls

Valley Falls SP

Falls of Holly River SP

Oglebay Falls

Mill Creek Falls of Kumbrabow

Mash Fork Falls

Kanawha Falls

Muddy Creek

Finn’s Falls

Elakala Falls

Cathedral Falls

Campbell Falls

Brush Creek Falls

Marsh Fork Falls

Black Fork Falls

Blackwater Falls

Whitaker Falls

Degrees, Min, Secs

37°45'34.5"N 80°54'18.2"W

37°58'45.4"N 80°56'48.6"W

37°42'52.7"N 80°53'34.2"W

38°07'24.0"N 81°07'41.2"W

38°08'02.4"N 81°41'15.4"W

38°23'10.4"N 81°34'23.9"W

37°56'18.6"N 81°05'52.6"W

38°02'45.5"N 81°04'05.9"W

38°46'20.5"N 79°46'39.5"W

39°06'55.8"N 79°29'59.1"W

38°42'42.0"N 79°32'59.6"W

38°10'43.2"N 80°20'21.2"W

38°07'29.3"N 81°06'27.3"W

37°49'38.4"N 81°00'37.8"W

39°23'20.0"N 80°05'14.7"W

38°39'59.2"N 80°21'13.3"W

40°05'34.3"N 80°39'35.0"W

38°40'53.2"N 80°03'10.6"W

37°30'02.3"N 81°08'31.9"W

38°08'43.8"N 81°12'48.0"W

39°31'44.5"N 79°37'58.8"W

37°58'05.5"N 81°05'52.8"W

39°06'27.1"N 79°29'52.6"W

38°09'14.4"N 81°10'48.1"W

37°31'04.2"N 81°07'46.0"W

37°27'53.2"N 81°03'50.7"W

37°37'19.8"N 81°27'32.6"W

37°37'19.8"N 81°27'32.6"W

39°06'45.8"N 79°29'04.3"W

38°31'31.1"N 80°11'03.0"W

Decimal Degrees

37.759576, -80.905056

37.979264, -80.946819

37.714650, -80.892840

38.123320, -81.128100

38.134000, -81.687600

38.386208, -81.573299

37.938500, -81.097947

38.045977, -81.068291

38.772348, -79.777643

39.115504, -79.499751

38.711658, -79.549899

38.178678, -80.339208

38.124806, -81.107583

37.827339, -81.010506

39.388900, -80.087408

38.666444, -80.353694

40.092863, -80.659709

38.681450, -80.052930

37.500625, -81.142186

38.145497, -81.213334

39.529019, -79.633007

37.968186, -81.097998

39.107519, -79.497945

38.153999, -81.180034

37.517830, -81.129456

37.464785, -81.064095

37.622177, -81.459067

37.622177, -81.459067

39.112707, -79.484518

38.525300, -80.184170

West Virginia Department of Tourism Website for the tour.

Oglebay to Falls of Hills Creek Route

Coonskin to Glade Creek Route

Mill Creek to Kanawha Falls Route

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