38.349480, -80.619040

38°20'58.1"N 80°37'08.5"W

Located in the small town of Cottle on Rockcamp Run, along SR 20 northeast of Craigsville. Take US 19 north of the Summersville exit and turn right on SR 55. Follow SR 55 for 12.1 miles to the town of Craigsville where the road transitions at an intersection to SR 20. Don't turn, go straight. Follow for 2.5 miles. You will pass Powder House Rd. on your right. Slow down and look for a roadside pull off on the left. There is a red school bus shack there. Park here. The falls is just beside the road here. This is a pretty waterfall, but there is a lot of garbage and broken glass here, so be careful. I met the owner of this land and he doesn't mind people visiting the falls, but is not real keen on the party crowd.

UPDATE: 3/12/22 This waterfall is much cleaner than the last time I was here.  I'm sure a couple of gully washers have done their work and cleaned out most of the large debris and there didn't seem to be as much glass crunching under my feet.  The school bus shack has been turned over and is damaged and pushed back into the brush and not really visible from the road, so the landmark is no longer available should you be looking for it.







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