37°36'21.0"N 80°58'40.0"W

37.605833, -80.977778

I'm not giving driving directions to this place because it's very complicated.  My suggestion is that you use the GPS coordinates, input them into a Google map and copy the directions onto a piece of paper because I can't guarantee that your in car GPS will do the job for you on this route.  Good luck.


Cooper's Mill, also known as Tom Cooper Mill, is a historic grist mill located of County Route 27 near Jumping Branch, Summers County, West Virginia.

The original mill was built in 1869, and was an 18 feet long by 16 feet wide building constructed of squared logs with "V"-notched corners. In 1930, the original superstructure was dismantled down to the last five log courses, and a 2+12-story wood-frame building was erected over the logs and the original sandstone foundation. The mill is sheathed in board and batten siding and topped by a gable roof.

In 1930, a new waterwheel by the Fitz Water Wheel Company of Hanover, Pennsylvania was added to the mill. Also on the property is a blacksmith's shop dated to about 1900.[2https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Register_of_Historic_Places" title="National Register of Historic Places">National Register of Historic Places in 2001.[1]


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