38.000900, -81.033007

38°00'03.2"N 81°01'58.8"W

Follow signs to Cunard. WV 16 south out of Fayetteville, bear left on Gatewood Rd. (CR 9). Turn left on Cunard Rd. still on (CR 9) and follow through Cunard to a left on (CR 9/14) followed by an immediate left. Follow to a paved parking area on your right. Falls is across the road from parking. It's a straight plunge and appears to be about 30' but no easy way down into the creek without some serious bushwhacking or going over the falls in a kayak. I wasn't in the mood, but you can probably get down the hillside into the creek from the parking lot area. It's pretty overgrown, but not many trees and bushes.

There's a trailhead that you will drive by on your left as you enter the area and it crosses the creek above the falls and follows downstream on the other side. Not much access there either. I think going down the hill across from the parking lot is the best bet to get in the creek.

Coal Run 2

Continue on the road to the Cunard river access, and follow a gravel road up river to your left. At the dead end there's a parking area and a bridge and it's easy to get into the creek at the bottom of Coal Run for a few shots of the small, but handsome falls there.

Coal Run 1

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