(38.158658, -81.187156)

Across the street from the New River Camp Ground on US 60 between Gauley Bridge and Cathedral Falls, is Hidden Falls on Laurel Branch. You will see a short section of guard rail on the north side of the road and a culvert in the middle of it. Looks like a rectangular concrete tunnel cut back into the hillside and only about 2'x4'. Go up the embankment at the guard rail, over the tracks above and into the woods. You can't miss it. It's only a few feet. There's a small shopping center with a CVS and a Foodland just before the campground entrance. Wide angle lens here.

It's hard to get up close and personal with this falls because of the terrain. This is at least 40' tall and maybe taller. I forgot my tape so, I don't really know, but you'll be either away and off to the side, in which case, you will have obstacles to shoot around or you will be close and in front of it and have to worry about spay and sunshine. It's not so easy to shoot here, but definitely worth the effort to see what you can do.