I know that I listed this in a waterfall menu, but it's such a cool place and if you are in the vacinity, you might want to take a little time and drop by here.

     Cool Springs Park is a little place on US 50 about 1.2 miles west of SR 72.  It's an interesting place out of the 1930's.  Founded by E. Harlan Castle in 1929, this little place has it all.  It is not only a museum of old rusting antique farm marchinery, but there are live animals roaming the grounds, such as live turkey, llama, and donkey.  Instide the store you will find the usual tourist trinkets, like shot glasses, coffee cups, and goofy signage.  You will also be able to get some threaded pipe to fix the plumbing, shot gun shells for hunting, and a rather delicious sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich.  Yes, they have a lunch counter as well, generally populated by the locals, who are more than willing to "chew the fat" with you about what's going on in their neck of the woods.

     In the spring you can buy azalea and rose plants (for what I consider a real bargain) and in the fall you can get a jug of home made apple cider as well as, as many fresh apples as you need.  They always have big crates full in the fall.  Oh, yeah.  Don't forget to gas up at their "FULL SERVICE" gas pumps.  Just a very cool place where you can spend hours with your camera, or just take a break from the road for awhile and roam around the premises.  There's no charge and no hard sell, as you will be left alone to explore.  The site is probably about three acres or more, including the store and there are probably two hundred different machines or parts thereof, as well as a train to nowhere.

Cool Springs Park is located in Rowlesburg, West Virginia.  It's along U.S. 50.

12696 George Washington Hwy
Rowlesburg, WV 26425
39.320886, -79.714880


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