Flatrock Run is a pretty hike.  The waterfalls aren't spectacular but they are pretty and so is the trail.  It's basically an uphill muddy trail.  It starts out from the parking area with a 1/4 mile walk from the parking area, across the bridge and up the road to the trailhead which starts out through private property in some grassy fields.  There are signs all along the way but you need to keep an eye out.

I found several places worth getting in the creek for photography but there were no magnificent falls along the way.  I think we walked about 2.5 miles uphill before determining that it was time to go back.  Not sure what's up above but the sign said the trail was 5 miles to the top.

Here's a couple of shots from the day.


UPDATE:  I found out that if we had walked another mile or so uphill that we would have hit the motherload.  Apparently, there are two nice ones  up there.  Doubt I will have the opportunity to make this hike again, so, I'm out of luck.  Make sure you go to the top.