39°01'43.1"N 79°15'17.8"W

39.028632, -79.254943

This waterfall is near Hopeville, W.V. and is on private property. It can be accessed with permission from the owner. For owner contact information visit McGuinness Self Service at 4729 Jordan Run Rd, Maysville, WV 26833 (+13047497440). Lady at register seemed like it would be no problem, but that permission was required to be on the property to access.

At the confluence of Big Run and Jordan Run. Private property, but you can creek walk in from the parking lot at Smoke Hole Caverns.  If the water is up, it may well be impossible.  Jordan Run Falls is situated in Jordan Run Gorge, a small canyon opening just northwest of the Smoke Hole Caverns visitors parking lot. Jordan Run enters the main river at this point and the falls is located about 0.8 mile upstream. It may be accessed by a somewhat arduous hike up the trail-less stream bed.
I stopped in at the gas/quick mart to inquire.  (4729 Jordan Run Rd, (4729 Co Rte 28/7, Maysville, WV 26833) (304-749-7440) Maysville, WV 26833).  I spoke to the lady at the register.  She informed me it was private property, but that she might call her brother to give us permission to visit the falls.  Unfortunately, he was not home at the time, so no visit.

This is a kayakers waterfall.  I found this waterfall on the American Whitewater website.  Not sure how these guys get in the creek, without permission if they do, because my drive down Jordan Run Rd. sure didn't look like there was any place to park or any access into the woods along the road.  But I'm sure some further info can be gotten if you could find a way to contact someone there.  https://www.americanwhitewater.org/content/River/view/river-detail/10511/main

Wikipedia Info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jordan_Run_Falls

Photo Credit: Valerius Tygart from widipedia


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