(39.120233, -79.520517)

Not to be missed. This fall is downstream from Douglas. It's about a 0.7 mile walk on the Blackwater Canyon Trail along the river from Douglas Falls. You will probably see some blue tape tied to some trees on the side of the trail. There were also several logs spaced three feet apart and situated perpendicular to the trail to indicate the entry to the trail down into the river. Just follow the trail/markers. There will be an eight foot drop at the bottom to get into the creek. I always bring a rope for this part, but have seen others finesse their way down without one. GPS Approximate.

You are on the Blackwater Canyon Trail. If you continue down the trail that brought you here, you will end up at SR 72 in Hendricks. It's 7.7 miles starting at Douglas Falls. In wet weather, you may see Big Run and Tub Run with running water as they empty onto the trail.