(38.034960, -81.006321)

Find the Winona Trailhead: From US-19, turn onto Lansing-Edmond Road (CR-5) just north of the Canyon Rim Visitor Center. Follow six miles to Winona. Turn right onto Keeney's Creek Road (CR-85/2). The Keeney's Creek Rail Trail begins at the dirt road junction just after the second bridge. Limited roadside parking is available. This trail takes you under the Nuttallburg conveyor.

Nuttalburg Trailhead: Follow directions outlined for the Winona Trailhead, but proceed another 1.5 miles to the marked trailhead on the right. Limited roadside parking is available.

Note: If you have seen the photos on the website, or any other photos prior to 2016, that's not what Keeney's looks like anymore. It's still beautiful in places, but it's pretty torn up. I don't know how much more work they intend to do, but the road is at least passable all the way to Nuttallburg.

There are some nice big falls on Keeney's Creek, but they are not the easiest to get at even though they are mostly roadside. The creek side walls are very deep and steep in the lower sections.